(  )に入る最も適切な語をを選びましょう。終わったら下の採点ボタンを押してください。

Q1 My uncle can walk (  ) his hands.
without  for  under  on

Q2 Germany is famous (  ) its beer.
on  at  in  for

Q3 His scandal (  ) the front page.
cheated  made  created  meant

Q4 My sister (  ) limited-distribution toys and dolls.
recruits  collects  gathers  spends

Q5 More aid is (  ) needed in the disaster area.
desperately  oppositely  curiously  bravely

Q6 There is evidence that people (  ) low cholesterol are at greater risk of suicide.
for  despite  with  on

Q7 I have an idea (  ) she disappeared.
what  why  who  which

Q8 Gambling was his (  ).
descendant  distribution  disability  destruction

Q9 He took a (  ) of brandy.
sap  sip  lip  nap

Q10 He (  ) the orphan.
ascertained  accented  adopted  analyzed