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Q1 It is rare for an Atlantic hurricane to reach the Iberian peninsula, with only five such events (  ).
planned  motivated  recorded  highlighted

Q2 It used to be difficult to add internet connectivity to home devices, but in the last few years the cost and (  ) of doing so have plummeted.
liability  complexity  flexibility  quality

Q3 It’s a (  ) that you are cancelling our date for Sunday.
pity  loss  worry  jump

Q4 Judging from the present situation, you (  ) better break up with him.
would  need  go  had

Q5 Kansai International Airport is set on an (  ) island in Osaka Bay, 20 miles from the center of the city.
artificial  archaic  artistic  archive

Q6 London Fashion Week recently became the first global fashion week to (  ) animal fur.
propose  copy  regret  ban

Q7 Losing even a single species can have (  ) impacts on the rest of the ecosystem.
prosperous  disastrous  curious  courageous

Q8 Major carmakers are (  ) sales networks and product lineups in the African market.
expressing  examining  exceeding  expanding

Q9 Major power utilities need to work toward establishing a power supply system that is (  ) against disasters.
relocation  resilient  reluctant  remarkable

Q10 Managing energy bills can be challenging, particularly if you’re on a fixed income such as a (  ).
mansion  pension  caption  occasion