(  )に入る最も適切な語をを選びましょう。終わったら下の採点ボタンを押してください。

Q1 The construction of the tunnel took more than double the originally planned (  ) money.
account for  number on  population at  amount of

Q2 Will was (  ) by a con artist.
described  cheated  oriented  figured

Q3 This city is making an (  ) to protect itself from natural disasters.
efficient  effect  effort  efficiency

Q4 Will you (  ) his opinion on this pollution?
go out of  teach at  find out  call in

Q5 Two weapons were used in the (  ).
panacea  reactor  mileage  massacre

Q6 He (  ) away peacefully.
called  drew  passed  faced

Q7 He enjoys wine sometimes, but (  ) he drinks whiskey.
most  mostly  only  whenever

Q8 Jake is suggesting that we (  ) the summer vacation in Hawaii.
spend  go  carry  play

Q9 He is accused (  ) murder.
on  in  for  of

Q10 There are tremendous cultural (  ) between the United States and China.
preferences  borders  differences  meanings