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Q1 The (  ) of the people in the United States are of European origin.
major  large  majority  minor

Q2 Her nephews and nieces were all (  ) around the table.
gathered  caught  brought  accompanied

Q3 They (  ) their prayers at the shrine.
injured  leaned  captured  offered

Q4 They (  ) Seattle late last night.
arrived  reached  got  went

Q5 He yelled at the top of his (  ).
lungs  heart  throat  chest

Q6 I (  ) my wallet taken by a pickpocket.
made  let  got  had

Q7 An (  ) occurred at a chemical factory.
expression  explosion  exemption  execution

Q8 I work (  ) a security guard on weekends.
at  for  as  on

Q9 Excessive (  ) of alcohol has harmful effects on our health.
conclusion  concentration  consumption  conception

Q10 It’s a matter of(  ) and death.
living  life  live  lively