(  )に入る最も適切な語を選びましょう。終わったら下の採点ボタンを押してください。

Q1 We’re continually looking for people who are excited by new challenges and look forward to working in a fast-paced (  ).
product  environment  education  consideration

Q2 What happened to him was so unfair. I’ve never seen (  ) like it.
something  anything  everything  nothing

Q3 When you smoke, the (  ) from the tar in your cigarettes enter your blood.
poisons  acids  profits  statements

Q4 (  ) wants to join our club is welcome.
Whomever  Whatever  Whichever  Whoever

Q5 Yellowstone erupts roughly every 600,000 years, and it’s about 600,000 years (  ) it last exploded.
unless  when  since  till

Q6 You can (  ) your risk of cancer by making healthy choices like eating right, staying active and not smoking.
induce  produce  seduce  reduce

Q7 You should drink plenty of water to keep yourself fully (  ) throughout the flight and beforehand.
equipped  hydrated  encouraged  occupied

Q8 You should understand that failure is a chance to (  ) challenges.
overcome  overload  overact  overtake

Q9 You’ll have a much better quality of life at work if you’re (  ) to speak up and ask for what you want.
bound  reluctant  paid  willing

Q10 Your job is your livelihood, and you need to remain on good (  ) with your colleagues and your boss.
links  terms  issues  parties