(  )に入る最も適切な語をを選びましょう。終わったら下の採点ボタンを押してください。

Q1 The fire (  ) in their room.
orphaned  originated  optimized  organized

Q2 It (  ) been happening everywhere.
have  is  was  has

Q3 I was often mistaken for my sister (  ) young.
when  where  who  what

Q4 The suspect doesn’t have a (  ) history.
climber  criminal  climate  crispy

Q5 There have been (  ) cases of arson around here recently.
many  lot  much  every

Q6 I have acquired a (  ) for wine.
sound  feeling  taste  way

Q7 I (  ) of the accident today.
learned  learn  had learned  am learned

Q8 We will never make any (  ) to terrorists.
conclusions  configurations  constructions  concessions

Q9 Adopted as a child, she never met her (  ) parents.
biomedical  biological  biomass  bionic

Q10 It seems that much damage was (  ) by yesterday’s earthquake.
doing  done  gone  going