(  )に入る最も適切な語を選びましょう。終わったら下の採点ボタンを押してください。

Q1 The length of our life is (  ), but its wideness depends on us.
humid  stained  obscure  finite

Q2 The man you are going to meet tonight is (  ) stingy with his money.
independently  interestingly  incredibly  inconsistently

Q3 The news of the bankruptcy of the financial institution caused global stock markets to (  ).
plummet  absent  adapt  emphasize

Q4 The policies he’s (  ) have been pretty effective.
abstracted  sparkled  comforted  promoted

Q5 The situation comedy is filmed in front of a live studio (  ) on the Warner Brothers lot.
infant  audience  reception  judgement

Q6 Tokyo has a fantastic transport network so you’d be better (  ) without a car.
out  off  above  way

Q7 Vitamin D is great for bone health, (  ) can be related to good joint health.
which  what  when  that

Q8 We believe that our greatest resource is our people, and that hiring talented employees is (  ) to the success of the company.
indifferent  superb  essential  complex

Q9 We train dogs to assist people who (  ) deaf or hard-of-hearing.
is  have  can  are

Q10 We will send out documents explaining the enrollment procedures and (  ) necessary documents to be submitted.
another  else  other  anything