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Q1 Two men (  ) in the fire.
proved  published  processed  perished

Q2 His parents are (  ) alive.
until  till  still  unless

Q3 The girl was left an orphan at the (  ) of five.
year  stage  old  age

Q4 He (  ) sentenced to life for double murder.
was  will  is going to  become

Q5 It was as delicious as always, but the label showed that the expiration date was only a week (  ).
away  go  by  reach

Q6 It was not until I visited Australia (  ) I realized how small Japan really was.
for  that  how  what

Q7 He was (  ) red-handed.
bought  caught  loaded  wished

Q8 I have five cousins on my mother’s (  ).
room  son  way  side

Q9 I have pride as a Japanese (  ).
civilization  civilize  citizen  city

Q10 George will (  ) a good husband and father.
wake  make  give  let