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Q1 Despite its name, vitamin D is not a vitamin. (  ), it is a hormone that promotes the absorption of calcium in the body.
Include  Inclined  Implied  Instead

Q2 (  ) information was stolen from the Facebook profiles of about 14 million users.
Irregular  Contrast  Neglected  Detailed

Q3 Efficient driving reduces the amount of fuel you use and cuts down on unnecessary (  ) and tear on the vehicle.
wear  pear  rear  bear

Q4 Experts argue that in healthy people, vitamin D is not a (  ) to prevent disease.
way  plan  question  use

Q5 Fast food has been associated with poor diet and increased risk of (  ).
poncho  structure  literacy  obesity

Q6 Having a Green Card (  ) you to live and work permanently in the United States.
lets  counts  allows  quits

Q7 He showed (  ) his new car to his colleagues.
up  off  out  after

Q8 His (  ) implored the audience to vote for him.
supporters  stalkers  critics  accountants

Q9 How can I (  ) my boss or my colleague to change their behavior without me actually having to talk to them about it?
get  make  hate  win

Q10 I can’t quit my job because I have a family to support and a (  ) to pay.
mileage  mortgage  certificate  concealer